FLYING HEALTH Incubator offers an exclusive environment for Digital Health Startups to let their digital diagnosis and therapy tools grow to marketability.

Right in the center of Berlin we work together with highly motivated  founders on Digital Biomarkers & Software-as-a-Drug solutions. Our goal is to maintain and improve human health by digital medicine. Only serious health enhancement will lead to company growth and increase the company’s valuation.


Dr. Markus Müschenich & Christian Lautner

FLYING HEALTH is committed to the digital transformation of healthcare. Therefore, we are looking for Digital Health Startups worldwide with a serious health approach to develop digital diagnosis or therapy tools (Software-as-a-drug). If we decide to work with a startup, we act as professional co-founders. The intense, personal contact to our startups is the nucleus of our Incubator program. We have a hands-on mentality with a long-term perspective – together we will enter the highly regulated healthcare market.

We offer an intense two-year program for startups in (really) early phases. With the FLYING HEALTH Incubator we provide a trustful environment for product development close to the market. Together with our partners we intend to cover all-up the Health Care sector and build up  a “Corporate Health Lab” in which startups develop not only their product heir business model. We aim for a faster and more successful market entry.

Therefore, we offer a trustful setting for product and business development. We bring startups and partners together, work out synergies and stick with our startups until the goal – the successful market entry – is reached. We have a 360°-Service approach to give startups the support, they really need including services from basic company building to market access strategy.

The personal and individual support of the participating Startups is the core value of the incubator program. To fulfill our high quality standards, we adopt a maximum of 3-5 startups a year. Those we supervise in full commitment and on long-term perspective.

Our Offer

FLYING HEALTH, an investment and consulting company, is a pioneer and essential part of the genesis of the new digital healthcare market. In a trusting environment we, together with different startups and partners, want to develop new ideas for the supply of digital health products. Therefore, we accompany our startups and partner personally focusing on their individual goals and interests.

References include the first app-on-prescription for a digital therapy and reimbursement of Germany’s first online medical consultation facility by statutory health insurance companies.


Working with startups our aim is the successful market entry. We are stage agnostic and offer support for (really) early stage startups, including basic company building, as well as later stage startups and their highly defined market access strategies. When it comes to decide if we want to support a startup, we concentrate on their product: we want serious digital health – and are passionate about digital diagnosis and therapy approches as well as smart digital infrastructure in the healthcare Environment!We value the diversity of startups. Therefore, we individually negotiate the range of our services and the number of shares.  We would be happy to get to know your startup, and discuss how we could support you and your company. Please contact us via


We invite you to meet and work with innovative digital health startups to improve and execute your digital strategy. Working with the Flying Health Incubator will lead you to valuable partnerships and cooperations with disruptive startups, tailored for your company’s Goals and demands. You will be  part of an innovative environment for the development of innovative products and business models. We especially search for partners that help us building our “Corporate Health Lab” to develop new concepts for the integration of digital health products in the highly regulated healthcare market. We are looking forward to discuss your ideas and demands in digital health and explore the various possibilities of collaboration. Please contact us via


Startups are unique – as well is our cooporation.

We are pleased to support the following startups:

We are looking forward  to get to know your startup, and discuss how we could support you and your company. Please contact us via


We are proud to collaborate with the  following partners to digitize the healthcare system:

Become part of the revolution.

We are looking forward to discuss the various possibilities of collaboration and our partner services. Please contact us via


Dr. Markus Müschenich

Dr. Markus Müschenich

Co-Founder & CEO

Christian Lautner

Christian Lautner

Co-Founder & CEO, CFO

Laura Wamprecht

Laura Wamprecht

Business Development


Thank you for your interest in working with us. We constantly search for highly motivated colleagues who strengthen our team with their passion for digital health.

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